Saturday, 24 September 2016

Mini Whips, Pocket Whips...New Range

Well what to say really that I've not said before, I'm not a great lover of mini whips, the very short type that seem to be sweeping the scene at the moment, the ones I have come across have not been the best and will go a long way to doing not very much bar teaching you bad habits and muscling. I blogged about it before with regards to 2 foot synthetic whips and to some extent had to eat some humble pie, although I do maintain unless made right then they will do as stated and teach you very bad habits. 
I guess it was a good couple of years back I wrote about it and since then the whole mini whip craze has very much took off, some of the stuff out there is really bad and made by so called whip makers that really should know much better, I won't name names its not politically correct, others made by non whip makers  are a whole lot better than the ones made by the so called established whip maker. Then of course all the synthetic ones that have been available for some time now.

The challenge then has been to make one slender and small enough to fit the criteria of the current craze without joining the devil may care brigade and so still having it balanced and tapered so it cracks well without teaching bad habits. After much experimentation I have come up with not just the one whip but a whole range.

In amongst it I have also created a budget kangaroo hide whip which is something that was quite accidental but not a bad thing, when working out costings I looked at other whip makers sites, it's the best you can do really, some are offering such a different product that there is no comparison and others might be similar but I've not seen one in the flesh to know what type of beast it is so again not fair, I used the price of one that whilst not comparable was by far the worst effort I had seen and one from another maker as I had seen 2 of them on my travels. 

The bad one by the maker who should know better by the time you added up postage, Import Duty, VAT, and the dreaded customs clearance charge came out at £110.00 which for what it is is an outrageous price, that is of course just my opinion. The other again with postage, import duty, VAT, and clearance charges came out at the £240.00 mark, obviously both those prices change with the exchange rate, but at £240.00 you could have a full size one so a little, ok a lot, on the expensive side, in my opinion anyway. You can see the price of mine by looking on my site, not as cheap as the 1st maker but substantially cheaper than the 2nd one, I have another couple of designs to add to the page just testing the prototypes as I type but as things stand there are 4 choices already on there!

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