Thursday, 4 August 2016

Alpha Whips and Daisy's Floggers and stuff

Well where to start, the last couple of years have been emotional and some what a roller coaster for various reasons and it's only this past couple of months things are settling down to *normality* whatever that may be in the life of a kink whip maker. So yesterday having got back a decent head space I spent a lovely day in the company of the delightful Daisy from Daisy's Floggers fame and Chris of the not so famous but really ought to be famous Alpha Whips.....

I have been chatting to Daisy on and off via email and whats app, text etc for a couple of years now so it was great to finally meet her, put a face to a name and see some of her work, show her some of mine that type of thing, she makes awesome floggers if you happen to be looking for one, she has been bigging up her friend Chris and his synthetic whips to me for a long time and as it transpires rightly so, they are not just good, they are innovative, unique and I hesitate not to say exceptional....It was really nice to meet him too.....

For my part synthetic has always been a bolt on to my main business of Kangaroo and this past couple of years where I have only been able to take on very limited amounts of bespoke work I have been passing synthetic orders on, mostly to Steve Huntress in the states who I rate very highly as a synthetic maker, he would certainly be one I aspire to and in the world of synthetic there aren't many. Anyway I digress I have been looking for someone in the UK to pass the work to, importing anything from the states can work out very expensive when you add on postage, import duty, VAT and customs clearance charges and now I am very pleased to say I have found someone, a good day indeed.

Let me start by saying that Chris really needs to improve his photography skills the pictures you see here do not do the *in hand* whips justice, I played with the one in the picture above and it is as I wrote above, exceptional, it pretty much cracks itself, what I really like is the innovation of the man, he experiments with different nylons, various core types, he has pretty much dismissed paracord falls, obviously a man after my own heart, I unless asked otherwise always put  Latigo or red hide falls on all my synthetic whips so I think he is absolutely right, that is of course just my opinion.

Anyone who doesn't follow the crowd and wants to do better, use their own patterns, ideas, be creative is in my humble opinion the man to follow and this is very much Chris, long dead are the arguments of nylon vs leather, both have proven they very much have their place in the world of whips and so if you are in the UK or EU and you want a quality, unique style, usable durable whip then Alpha Whips is where I recommend you go to, and just so nobody thinks I'm chatting sh*t, I was so impressed I have one on order myself and can't wait for it to arrive.

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