Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spoiling it for others....or rude ignorant people..

What I'm writing about happened a few weeks back, it's not an incident in isolation, it unfortunately happens often, It came to the front of my mind after writing about the late great Bernie Wojcicki recently, he was renowned for giving help to folks starting out and answering endless emails often in great depth with photo's and in more recent years he would often make a youtube video for a person asking a question he'd been asked many times.

Now I'm no slouch in that department myself and have helped many over the years, often in doing so the time spent stops you doing something you would have done in that time, there are only 24 hours in each day. I do it anyway because I can remember the frustration when I first started out, nobody would tell me anything, there were no forums back then, the internet was on dial up and there were MSN and Yahoo groups, I was lucky to of been taught to plait and tie a fair few different knots already  so was half way there, but I didn't know how to make a whip, its very different to making a dog lead or a walking stick handle When I did get a bit of help I was grateful and always wrote with thanks.

So I digress again, a few weeks back I receive an email off some lady in Ireland, she had been out in America learning to make whips, It did cross my mind to say "You should have gone to Australia love" but I didn't, she had been pointed to my blog and a writing I had done on dry leather and drum stuffed leather, she had been learning with drum stuffed and then bought dry leather from Simon Martin, if you're used to drum stuffed then I get the shock drum stuffed is like cutting cream cheese, dry demands a bit more skill level, care and attention. She had read my writing and wanted to know what leather dressing to use and was available what I used etc etc etc.....all the questions she asked have already been answered in this blog, all she had to do was search about and she'd of found the answer to all the questions she had asked, it very much showed up that she hadn't done that, I guess that should have set my alarms off and I should have replied, "The answer to all your questions have already been answered within my blog, go and read" but I didn't I answered all her questions and posted links to the products I was recommending....A few paragraphs and 15/20 minutes of my time I type with one finger...

What I got in return, nothing, no thanks for taking the time to answer, nothing, I don't know how that strikes others but to me it strikes me as rude and ignorant, The trouble then is somebody may write to me who is genuine and nice and either get a blunt reply or worse still no reply at all, the rude ignorant people I'm sure don't stop to consider how their bad manners might knock on and affect others..

So rather than allow this to piss me off, I shall all things allowing be doing a lot more you tube stuff, with what's going on in life at present it may be a little while but join my you tube channel and I will reveal all I can there in the future.....