Thursday, 31 March 2016

New Site, New Way of Trading

I have not written much of late, if only I had time and for a change not in a good way....I currently have a family member who is very sick, it's been going on some 2 years now and gradually gets worse and worse as the clock ticks on, it is terminal so it is not going to end well, the demands of it to myself and Mel grow all the time and have now got to the stage where if I don't do something the wonderful business I have spent the last two decades building up will be gone and my reputation not a good one.

I have never taken money up front as I often have a 4 to 5 month waiting list, and that would be a real one, I do this full time, when a guy who does it evenings and weekends says he has a 5 month wait list in reality that's probably 5 weeks if he were to stop going to work and get on with it. Any way I have tried charging an order at a time two at a time and various other ways over the years, I always get payment up front as all the work I do is bespoke, an orange and aqua bullwhip with initials plaited in is a hard sell on eBay if I don't get paid up front and the customer then says he/she no longer wants it, so what I do and have been doing this last few years is filling my white board from my order book then billing for the work on my whiteboard, when the white board is near empty, I rub them off as I do them, then I do the same again, this way I am on average billing three weeks ish in advance, with the demands of the illness this three weeks has been turning into months on occasion if there is a little bout of complications and the little bouts of complications seem to be coming thicker and faster with each week that goes by, I do my best to communicate but a few have copped the 'ump and had a refund and I get that, my problems are not theirs, my choice is limited, upset the customer or run the risk of not going to the sick relative and miss the last goodbye's and the passing, there is no choice for us, we have been and will continue to run every time. For those that have been upset by this or feel I have given poor service, from your prospective you are right and my apologies are sincere, but for me I wouldn't change anything i have done so far other than probably put the brakes on sooner. From my prospective I am right, no hard feelings intended.

So how to get over this and still earn a living from the job I adore and am passionate about, the only answer I have been able to come up with is to stop taking bespoke work for the foreseeable future but hey I still have to eat. Hence the new site is born and near ready, it should be fully loaded by the end of this coming week, the pages show what is in the ranges for sale and hopefully I will be trading at a few markets so you can handle the goods and see for yourself, the off the shelf page will be loaded with stuff currently made and ready to go, unlike the same page on my other sites I will keep this with stock for sale on it, and you can just click the buy it now button, as I said above I have to eat.

As said in a previous blog I am no longer making nylon whips so that site will just fade away when the time left on the URL expires, regards Essentia Whips and Essentia Floggers the sites will remain and as and when time allows I will still take on a very small amount of bespoke work

Both sites in the near future, again when time allows will get a revamp and a thinning down of products so keep your eyes peeled for that, many thanks for reading and just once more sincere apologies if you're reading this and are one who feels my service this last couple of years has been tardy, you're right, hopefully this way I can salvage something from a really successful business and one day get back to bespoke whip making....