Saturday, 19 March 2016

Nearly There

Only a few orders left now in my workbook and I can start trading more face to face and selling what I have made as opposed to the bespoke work which has had to very much take a back seat due to a family illness and the restrictions and demands of that.

I have written about this else where so won't go over old ground, needless to say the demands are or have been playing havoc with the work book and how quick things get done to the extent I have put a stop to it....not altogether, i will still take on some bespoke work but will 90% trade via the new site and some face 2 face trading at the various UK markets

The new site is nearly built, I'll not post the URL as obviously it is not yet finished, to those that I ran way over time, those I refunded as you ran out of patience, my apologies are sincere, it's taken many years to build a good reputation hence I have put the bespoke stuff on hold till the grim reaper has been, that's not me being dramatic it's just about the top and bottom of it, so, hopefully see some of you out and about soon, and for those that don't do or can't make the markets there will be a little of everything with a buy now button on the new site..

Thanks for reading