Wednesday, 3 February 2016

No More Nylon

After much thought and deliberation I have decided to no longer offer Nylon Whips, my site remains for a while till the URL comes up for renewal and I have somewhere between 20 and 30,000 foot of cord in various colours so till it has gone I will still take orders from my beloved band of PD's and regulars, those that know me and my current circumstance also know I am planning some face to face trading this year so I will be making up some basic snakes and signals for sale at the markets and off the new shop site.

There are a few reasons I have decided to no longer sell into the nylon market, I feel to some extent that the market is now flooded and I am largely responsible for that, I have had a free PDF tutorial online for many years and I also sell a more comprehensive DVD tutorial where there are no secrets kept and all you need to know is contained therein. I have sold several hundred off them and a fair few of the buyers have gone on and now have web sites of their own.  It is quite ironic that some of the better known YouTube nylon whip tutorial makers learnt from my tutorial and yet folks have heard of them but not of myself, it makes me chuckle anyway.

When I started out making nylon I had some large advantage as I was already a well established kangaroo hide whip maker so apart from learning the nature of a new material the biggest part i.e. balance, taper and carrying weight out into the thong all remained the same and was already 2nd nature to me. Back then there was a couple of American wholesale makers, Rhett Kelly, Steve Huntress and myself, my nylon business was busy from the minute I put a site up. A little like kangaroo I had to import my cord  there was just not any availability here in the UK and where there was it was limited in colour and very expensive as it was usually in a chandlers or the like.
That leads me onto another reason I no longer want to play, cheap Chinese imported cord, there used to be no such thing and now there is in my opinion it is a very bad thing, its not nylon for a start it is some form of poly and as I have previously blogged poly in my humble opinion is better than nylon, BUT, and its a huge but only when it is branded Dacron not the Chinese import sh*t that a lot of new born makers now use. If you build a whip using crap materials then you'll build a crap whip, thats a fact...

And nearly done I hope you're not too bored, price, I actually had one guy say to my face he had gone through my site and made everything £20.00 cheaper, when a year later I saw this same sad fella ranting and raving and thrashing his arms about like a big baby over on that hateful site fetlife because someone had gone through his site and made everything £10.00 cheaper I did genuinely laugh out loud. This same guy made one whip and built a website and started selling them, he wasn't ready, he wasn't good enough, he knew it but did it anyway and there are now a lot more like him out there, making it a market I no longer want to compete in.

My final reason is I have developed a range of Kip Hide whips, I can make and sell these for a similar price to nylon, often cheaper, and quite frankly they are a better quality whip and better value for money, is there still a market and a place for nylon whips, absolutely yes, very much so and I really quite like nylon myself and love Dacron but no matter which way up you look at it you can't beat quality leather in your hand. I saw an American guy saying he thought kip was over rated, pfffttt in America they call cheap tooling leather from Tandy kip, it's not good quality English kip so the fella is right from his experience but oh so wrong in reality...

So that's me again, thanks for reading, i have been off work this last 10 days with a bad cut I managed that not with a sharp blade as you'd expect but falling down a steel stair case oops! So if you have an outstanding order with me I'm back in the workshop tomorrow...

And finally to those that think it's a sour grapes blog you're wrong I still get an average 6 to 10 nylon orders a month, not a living but a nice top up to leather, although i have no way to prove that haha....If you;re looking for a good quality nylon whip then I recommend Rhett Kelly or Steve Huntress, both make excellent whips, the two best nylon makers by far in my opinion and both use proper branded nylon cord....good luck

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