Friday, 25 September 2015

2016 Plans

Well, whilst I have been having so much time out of the workshop, read my previous blog to know why, it has at least allowed me time to do all the prep for next years project, I've been talking about doing some Face2Face trading for a number of years now and it looks to finally happen next year..

I'm not looking to say too much at present as to where I will be trading or the full extent of what I'll be trading though the clue is in the name and the tag line, ForcefulContact, Impact Toy's of Quality and Distinction.

The Essentia name and current sites won't be going anywhere I will just find a better balance between bespoke work and Face2Face trading, hopefully providing a better service, I'm ashamed to say that my service this year has at best been poor and for those that I have let down on time scales I am truly sorry, I never take it lightly if a transaction goes wrong, though in my defence the circumstances have been exceptional.

A few clues in the pictures posted but they are but the tip of the iceberg....hopefully see you all next year somewhere, be gentle with me I'm very shy :o)

Thanks for reading