Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Blog of the year

First my apologies, long over due time I posted, I know a few follow this blog and I do feel guilty at the lack of effort so far this year....

I have a few subjects in mind to blog about. Some from questions asked and I will do them soon, I may even do a second today, but first I just wanted to acknowledge my tardy blogging and apologise.

I'd also like to thank everyone for the orders currently in my work book, the fact you keep me busy and with a healthy waiting list is very appreciated, world wide things are not so good for whip makers, one American guy who was really well known now drives a truck for a living, and there are another two also with failed businesses albeit they haven't as yet declared they have day jobs, I'm sure they have their reasons, all still make whips part time but in essence if someone takes a day job over a many years established business then there has to be a serious reason, most of us whip makers are passionate about what we do.

Yet again the so called **UK Whip Crack Convention** has been and gone, I didn't find out about it till after it was over, I have blogged about this before so won't go into raptures about it again, it is when all is said and done a sad state of affairs when one man imposes his prejudice on  everyone and makes a minority group out of what had the potential to be a major event. What a sad shame and what a sad man, I may well get my finger out and set up an alternative one where *everyone* is welcome.

Talking of getting my finger out I am actually holding a fair bit of stock at present, lots of it new lines not available on my sites, I do have the intention of doing some face to face trading later in the year and have been attacking the stock building evenings and weekends in and around my work book..I finally learnt my lesson and don't publish pictures of it on face book so people can't see it and buy it leaving me no stock again, this time round I am determined to make it happen..

Thanks for reading