Thursday, 16 October 2014

New style of whips.....More Hybrids

Well what to say, I am a member of various forums and groups relating to whips all over the Internet, and in one such forum "The Whip Makers Hook" over on FaceBook there has been much talk recently of "The English Eye" I'd never heard of it? 

I spoke to Alex of Cobra Whips as the only other UK whip Maker and his best guess was it came from the back plaited loop on an English Hunting Whip, I don't know and that was his best guess! Basically a loop or eye is formed with leather by plaiting round from the Middle of the laces then said plaiting is doubled over and the whole whip plaited backwards. I have done this many times making Horse Quirts but to make a signal or snake whip like it leaves an end that's way too thick for my tastes, I do do it for leather signals but start them off with plaited waxed thread which gives a much finer point and so a much better whip. 

With nylon things are much much easier, you can start in the middle and just feed one cord through the other making as large or as small a loop as you wish then plait backwads adding in strings as opposed to dropping them out, if anything I find it a little easier to plait this way. 

As with all short whips at the core is built using a fine shot specially dropped for us here at Essentia, housed in a 1st grade veg tanned Kangaroo hide shot bag and bolster the cord is what's come to be known as 450 Tactical cord by the makers E.L.Wood the best quality available. It is done in a two tone green and tan, in a 16 plait with a couple of segments of pattern work just to liven it up a little, the end has a Natural Tan pineapple knot again in 1st grade veg tanned Kangaroo to save chaffing with long use, and at the business end a deer hide cracker finishes the job nicely. If I say so myself a nice little whip at its best in 3 and 4 foot lengths, I will be adding them to my site shortly.

I also did one  with a slightly longer loop and added a Indian Tan Latigo fall to it  to make a hybrid style Snake Whip again at its best in 3 and 4 foot lengths and on my site soon...

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Tony :0)