Friday, 5 September 2014

Site update and Kip Range

Well finally time to add the new photo's and the like to the web site, many thanks to you all for keeping me so busy, the pics are weeks old but only now have I found time to do the pages...

Above is a one knot BullWhip made from 1st grade English Kip, 4 foot 12 plait, cracks easy a really nice bit of work if I do say so myself, these are a set length of 4 foot for £135.00 and are available in Natural Tan, Saddle Tan, Brandy, Red, Purple and Black or any combination of those colours.

Above a 12 plait Horse Quirt, sold as is or with 3 tail changes, these are added on the site in the next couple of days to the **12Plait Range** a new range born because of the massive success of the "Under A Ton" range

Many thanks for reading, I will try to find time soon to blog something a little more informative.