Sunday, 7 September 2014

Indy Whips......The Dr. jones

Well what to say about the iconic whip that has become known as The Indiana Jones Whip, also known as an American Style Whip. It started life some 30 odd years back as a 450 Series David Morgan Whip, he got the call from Hollywood and over night history began and the whip over the 30 odd years has become legendary.

I'm not a lover of this style of whip, that is no secret, I much prefer the more refined Australian style Murphy over Morgan and Barr before Strain every day of the week for my tastes but each to their own of course. I have taken it a stage further and often refuse this kind of order even though I receive plenty of them, if you want authenticity then buy a David Morgan, the man no longer makes them himself  but the people that do are trained by him so common sense says that's the next best thing. Joe Strain also had whips in the later films and so would also be a good choice, although I believe his business failed and he is currently in a day job driving a truck and now only makes whips part time, or for the man who is most current and in my opinion the best of the bunch Terry Jacka made the whip for Indy IV and is still currently making whips. 

Like anything that becomes a cult item there is much controversy surrounding these whips, 8 foot or 10 foot, Red Hide Fall or White a Hide Fall, Kangaroo Hide or Kip hide, all these topics and many more are argued back and forth on the various forums that relate to Indy and his gear...

One rumour that has some checkable history is the Kangaroo Hide vs Kip Hide debate, Morgan himself says he started to make whips under the guidance of Tom Hall senior when an embargo preventing Morgan from importing Kangaroo or Kangaroo hide goods for his leather business was put in place, this same embargo was just lifted round about the time of the first Indy film, fuelling the rumour that some if not all the whips in the first film were in fact Kip. 

I wouldn't be surprised at all if this were true, some whip makers think it's the be all and end all to of had whips in film or TV series, in my opinion they just use it as an excuse to over charge, the more down to earth ones will tell you the same as me, whenever a film company get in touch they usually want the whips yesterday and ideally want them for nothing, I tell them how long my waiting list is and that they can find my prices on my site, hence I haven't done much past theatre work myself. But I digress, the point being Morgan not knowing at the time what the order was going to lead too probably did it the cheapest way possible, so Kip is a distinct possibility, good quality English Kip if laid next to a good quality Kangaroo hide to the average eye looks and feels near identical. The emphasis is on the words English Kip, I'm not talking the kind of average hide sold in places like Tandy.

For the Indy fans here in the UK and Europe buying an Indy whip is very very expensive, with your average 8 foot whip being between $500 and $800 even today with the exchange rate being the most favourable it has been for a long time, by the time you add on postage and packing, import duty, V.A.T. and the customs clearance charges that pretty much changes to pounds sterling £500 to £800. The 10 foots follow suit and are even more expensive.

Having made a kip hide Indy style some 8 years back and gifting it to someone who uses it on a weekly basis I now know kip stands the test of time and so I will be adding my kip version to my site shortly, hopefully it will give the UK and European guys that screen accuracy they all seek whilst at the same time being a good usable whip, a good halfway mark between a costume whip and an authentic one made by a Morgan apprentice.

The Dr. Jones

Natural Tan or Brandy or Saddle Tan

8 foot £325.00

10 foot £425