Tuesday, 17 June 2014

At Long Last....Total Re-Vamp

Well I know a few of you have been waiting, I have been talking about this re-vamp for quite some time now, and with losing some time with a bad back it has taken even longer, but at last all three sites are finished. They are today and early tomorrow going through the spell check, link check and everything check stage and then we'll fire them up. The same theme now runs between all three sites which we feel looks better.

So Essentia Whips, the good news is the prices have remained the same, no hikes and no surprises, we have removed a couple of products that haven't been selling and added some new stuff, in amongst the Sjambok page you'll find an English Lash, a very very nasty toy, the "Under A Ton" range has been added to, no longer is the signal whip traditional, it now comes as standard with the changeable cracker, we have added in a snake whip and a Sjambok, the Sjambok has a twist and I have one to do in the next week or two so a picture will appear then. I don't doubt that the range will grow it is proving very popular. There is now also a personalise your whip page where you can add an engraved ferrule to your whip in either, silver nickel, polished brass, stainless steel to hallmark end silver, you can then add also engraved a matching disc to the butt of your whip. 

So to Essentia Floggers, massive changes here, we have removed some of the more exotic tail options, if you'd like tails you don't see there you can always email, there is not anything We can't get it is just too expensive to keep it in stock to sell one flogger every two years. We also launch Essentia Wooden Floggers, having been asked for years to do a range we have finally buckled, there seemed little point copy catting what is already out there so ours are a little different, we attach our tails in a different way, this allows us to add a more generous bunch and helps to give the flogger a better balance than is achievable with other methods, where the wood meets the tails a beautiful cover knot of first grade veg tanned kangaroo hide is added making them very unique.totally unique here in the UK we believe. The price of stainless palm Floggers is reduced, and some wooden palm Floggers added in.....lots going on 

And finally Essentia nylon whips, quite big changes there too, some new toys added and more to come too, a personalise your whip page has been added with lots of free stuff, that's right free, upgrade your whip to have kangaroo hide knots and an Indian Tan Latigo fall where applicable at no extra charge, also you can have 2 letters plaited into your whip, again free. Some things have a price I'm afraid, you can now add a hand engraved ferrule to your whip in copper, silver nickel, stainless steel or hallmarked silver and a matching disc in the same materials to the but end of your whip held in place by the knot.

We have gone back to importing all our cord after an average service, and some dubious cord from a UK supplier we were using so now all cord is branded. When it comes to nylon we use only type I, type II, type III and type IV cord either directly or from a reseller of E.L. Wood, a few less colours but the quality is second to none and it is quality that is important here at Essentia. With regards
(P.E.T) cord, due to the difficulty of finding genuine cord which is branded as Dacron we only offer one whip in this material, it is however plaited from the middle out using Dacron the brand name for (P.E.T) cord, never the cheap Chinese cord often passed off as (P.E.T) cord. Having been responsible for some innovative whip patterns over the years, much copied by other makers we have come to realise that as the nylon market grows it has become much more important to use the right material for the job in hand, no longer will a bit of 550, or 650 or for those that must cut corners a bit of Chinese imported cord do all jobs, so here at Essentia we use the different cords to do different jobs, much as I have read there is no discernable  difference between them actually there is. So have a little scoot about, we hope you like and we look forward to providing you with a quality item at some point in the future.

Thanks for reading, best wishes