Friday, 25 April 2014

New Web Sites Soon

Pictured above is a 16 plait signal whip in pink and black 450 nylon cord, I find I'm moving more to the 450 of late it makes for a more fluid whip with it's slimmer profile, comparable to 550 and 650 cord. With 450,  a 12 plait  becomes a 16 plait and a 16 plait becomes a 20 plait, both higher plait counts allow for more intricate ring work. I still continue to use 650 and 550 para cord, the 650 in a longer style whip really comes into it's own with a thicker profile it is near 2mm wider than 450 so much more durable for a whip that will trail on the ground. With nylon becoming more and more popular I feel using the best materials for the job at hand will become more and more important as folks inevitably will demand more for their pound as choice grows. Essentia is in this respect  at the head of the chase already and fully intends to keep it's place by continuing to come up with innovative new designs and using only the very best quality materials. Let's be honest many of our designs are already copied all over the world.

With all this in mind all three Essentia sites are currently undergoing a total revamp, much new stuff is to be loaded and it is hopefully quite exciting, it is here at this end anyway, however as this blog is about nylon I will for now just tell you a little about the nylon site...

Good news first, there will be no price increases, and the 2nd bit of good news is you'll be able to add some extras in free of charge, we do try to listen here at Essentia and one of the complaints with nylon whips is the falls, so free of charge from now on you can choose between a nylon fall or an Indian Tan Latigo fall.

The next most common complaint with nylon "If I spend a long time with my whip it makes my hands sore" Again we have listened, if you wish we will do your knots in 1st grade veg tanned kangaroo hide, where possible we will match them to your whip using a TH with pineapple interweave and if this is not possible then we'll do them in the nearest solid colour we have in a pineapple knot.

And once more at no extra cost why not add in 2 initials free of charge, it doesn't come much more personal than that. It's not bad for free.

Another option on offer although this one you'll have to pay for is to add a ferrule to personalise your whip, you can choose between Brass and Silver Nickel, these are engraved here at Essentia by hand and are only £10.00

Maybe rather than a ferrule you'd like a disc in the end of your whip held in place by the Turks head, again these are available in Brass or Silver Nickel and cost only £10.00.

Maybe both, it is your whip you make it as personal as you like...there is no such thing as a 2nd choice whip here at Essentia, we firmly believe that a well made whip will perform no matter what the material used, and now you can make your nylon  whip personal to you.

That's me, thanks for reading