Thursday, 6 March 2014

Once You Pay

I find myself writing this after a customer took me to dispute with PayPal for non receipt of goods.

It is quite deliberate that I don't have a shopping basket on my web sites, I build my own web sites and it is not a lack of ability believe me, PayPal itself is easy enough to install and there are a 10001 e -commerce templates I could use, I don't do it because I don't think it's fair. 

I am a one man band and I try to look at it from the customer perspective, would I want to click the buy it now button then wait three, four or five months to receive my goods, in short NO! But the flip side of the coin is everything I make is in some way bespoke even if that is just colour combinations, length etc, then add in specific pattern work plaited initials, ferrules and concho's....we'll I'm sure you'll see what I'm saying, it is personal so I'd be pretty daft if I didn't take money up front, a red and black 4 foot BullWhip or Snake Whip or Signal is an easy sell, if it has initials plaited in all of a sudden it is a near impossible sell, in fact I fancy I'd struggle to give it away.

 So what I do is I set my work book up for three ish four week periods, I normally tell folks this when I bill but now I'll be able to just put a link to this blog in, when I send you a request for payment via PayPal that means I have transferred your order from my work book onto the white board in my workshop and will be doing your job in the next three ish weeks, that is about as fair as I can be, it's not perfect but it is my best shot. If anything changed in that time I'll write to you so your up to date... Many thanks for reading....