Monday, 17 March 2014

A Copy & Paste

The below is a little blog I found over on Fetlife by a guy called KnightToDreams, he is one of our top whip crackers here in the UK, he is infacr right up there with Mr Winrich but I guess this is where logistics plays it's part, here in the UK there are no Renascence fairs to make a living from so Matt has to work for a living, it is not a BS thing he has come close to a couple of Mr Winrich's world records and busted one in front of some very reputable people so look out in the future. Anyway an interesting title and hopefully a reasonable read that will help you if your selecting a whip....

I'm not going to say where I agree and disagree with him I have posted it for no other reason than I believe it to be honest in his opinion....

The Truth About Whips

I have been getting a few recommendations of where to buy whips from or to by a whip for someone else from:

If it’s a cheap one you want made of Nylon Para cord

In the UK

@Young_Evil has just started making them for sale, they are not world beaters as of yet but they crack and they are the right price (£45-£65 ish) for the level of quality your getting.

There are 1 or 2 others that have started but I have not seen anyone yet that I rate

In the USA

Steve Huntress makes nice whips out of 550 Paracord and they cost 80USD for a 3ft snake whip and 175USD for a 6ft bullwhip by the time you've got them landed in the UK and paid taxes etc your talking approx £70 and £150 off the top of my head.

I have used whips from Steve Koliski who is slightly cheaper than Steve Huntress but the knots on them are huge and they just don’t sit right in my hands, other people do tend to like them.

Unfortunately I can't recommend whips made by Edgeplay due to the inconstancy quality and inexplicably long waiting times, despite having the ability on very rare occasions.

If you want to spend a little more money on a Nylon whip

The obvious choice is Essentia, already in the UK and they are some of the best Nylon whips I've seen the only person who's work really compares is Rhett Kelly in the Bible belt of America.

Tony's whips are more expensive than the competition and he usually has a waiting list of between 2-4 months, however they are a marked improvement and you will not regret your purchase.

Rhett makes some good whips but they are not for play and he is a devout Christian who hates BDSM so please people leave him to his beliefs.

For Leather whips

Seriously if you want one put your hand in your pocket or stick with Nylon

A few whips I have tried

Tony - Essentia

Good play whips, reasonable outside, not the most expensive out there but you’re talking from about £150 up to about £400. He is the best option for 90% of the people reading this.

Victor Tella

Makes some Lovely whips however I can’t recommend him as he seems to have a complete lack of consistency in his work. If you’re going to buy a whip from abroad buy something special.

Aturo Rodriguez - professional whips

Avoid they're crap


Very good quirts and toys at a reasonable price, they jury is still out on his cracking whips though.

Peter Jack

Somewhat of a Jack of all trades, he is a master of some but, they are not made for play.

Mike Murphy

No longer making whips - gutted, made some of the nicest bullwhips I've seen. I have got a pair of his stock whips as well. They are both a loose plait design and are not weighted so they fall very quickly and are not suitable for novices, mind once you know what you’re doing they are simply stunning, I once cracked a 6ft Murphy bull 257 times in a minute. They are also made for outdoor cracking and don't give you very much feedback during play due to the loose plait.

That said the man really could not weight snake whips and signal whips - sorry

Joe Strain

Another person who has recently given up, some of the Aussie bulls he made were quite nice, some being the operative word. If you’re going to buy one 2nd hand make sure you see it in front of you.

Russel Schultz

Very heavy, very powerful, very beautiful and very good for sports cracking, do not use these for play unless you know what you’re doing they are capable of ripping someone a new arsehole.

Simon Martin

Very nice but very expensive, never struck anyone with one though.

Chris Barr

Very Very expensive and they take forever to show up but they are the best out there. They re like Murphy’s whips but thinner and stiffer in most cases. If you want a truly special whip he is your man.

EM brand whips

not a fan, they feel like they re weighted wrong and are hard to control, my first experience was being hit by one, it looked stunning but was not functional in anyway.

Paul Nolan / Lauren Wickline - mid west whips

another Jack of all trades, the best ones for me are the performance Hybrid whips made out of nylon, their leather whips just don’t sit right with me mind this could be just me.

The PH whips are very fast and again are probably not beginner’s whips mind once you have learned a few things....

Alex Cobra

He made the 2nd best play whips ever, they don’t work outside, they knot up easily, they would not win a beauty pageant, they drink leather dressing and at times you wonder why you bother. Then you get a sub in front of you and you’re in love with them again.

Dave Branch

Retired a few years ago now but still some fine examples around very stuff very light and play beautifully. They are not pretty whips but then you get them in your hand and you won’t care if you see any going 2nd hand snap them up seriously.

Janine Fraser

I am lucky enough to own one - it’s a stunner and is very fluid and has one hell of a bite (apparently).

Dave Morgan

The man who made the 450 series from Indiana Jones, however he does not make them anymore so if you order one from his company it’s made by someone else trading off his name. You can tell the difference in quality between the originals and the copies however even then they are somewhat of a lump hammer.

The new ones made by his company are just crap and I really would not bother


The only person to buy fire whips from for me, end of

Michael De Veny

Chainmail whips - very hard to control, but surprisingly very accurate.

I have not yet tried whips by

Terry Jacka
Si Davey
Cecil Henderson
Joe Wheeler
Fiona Wilks-Smith
Bevan Rosak
Dennis Gardner
LA Whips

However I am happy to give my opinions on any that I have tried,

Happy cracking