Saturday, 11 January 2014

Under a Ton A new line of Budget Whips.

English Kip

As a whip maker I get a lot of email, most are enquiries and mostly lead on to an order, quite a few are questions about whip making, some are about things that are not on my sites, so individual design sort of and others are about costs and can I adapt something already on the site. I get then asked a lot why I stopped the budget whips I used to offer.


I'll touch on costs first, pretty much everything I make when it comes to Essentia Whips I have to import, this goes through customs and so incurs import duty, V.A.T, then customs clearance charges, because of this I can often appear a little more expensive than some of the American makers or the  Ozzies, however you'll find if you do the maths if you buy a whip from abroad it will then incur it's  own import duty, V.A,T and customs clearance charges and  low and behold it will become the same price or slightly more expensive than one from me, it's no accident, then add in if ever it needs repair it will cost you a small fortune in postage to get it there and back and get it fixed. The moral of the story being.Buy British :)

Questions on Design

I do a lot of nylon work, a lot more than people think, and one of the most common emails I get is,

 "I'd like to buy a kangaroo whip but just can't afford it, is there any chance you can put a leather knot on a nylon whip as I already have a nylon whip but find it chaffs my hand if I use it for a long time"

I do this as often as not for folks and at no extra charge unless they want a metallic colour, this led on to a unique design which I blogged about recently, unfortunately it is not inexpensive as it is a whip with much internal work and takes time to build, time has to be paid for I do need to make a living, I do this full time.

The Dilemma

How to give folks on a budget, and lets face it that's most of us, what they want, a nice leather whip at a reasonable price.

My Solution

Veg tanned English Kip is the solution I have come up with, Kip is the hide of an adolescent cow, and has the 2nd highest tensile strength after Kangaroo hide, it's not as smooth and sleek as kangaroo as it can't be split too much like Kangaroo but it does make a nice whip, these two designs I have decided to start the range with go through the same process as Kangaroo , the lace is hand cut over sized, stretched twice, re sized, tapered, bevelled then split. After several heavy coats of leather dressing it is then ready to plait with. All under £100.00 so I've called it "The Under A Ton Range"

Design One  £99.99 A traditional 4 foot Signal Whip or SingleTail in an 8 plait with plaited in cracker

Design Two  £95.99 A Horse Quirt around 3 foot in total length in a 12 plait the tails are Indian tan Latigo.

My plan is to see how they sell and if popular I may add  a few more pieces to the Range, we'll see, thanks for reading.