Monday, 6 January 2014

SingleTail Hybrid-Scene Whip

A SingleTailHybrid Or Scene Whip

I have called it that because that is exactly what it is, a Hybrid version of a traditional Signal Whip or a Whip designed especially for Fetish play, about time the Fetish Folk had their own whip designed just for them rather than to have to keep adapting whips built for another purpose, another design thought up here at Essentia that I don't doubt for a minute will become very much copied a bit like our Sna-Si Hybrid and our Glass Fibre Stock Whip.


This in essence is a Signal Whip, over the years the Signal Whip has been renamed and recognised by the name Single Tail Whip, as we say here in the UK just another Americanism, is not a Bull Whip or a Snake Whip of a single thong or tail as opposed to a Flogger or a Cat that has multiple tails or thongs, of course but I digress.

Not such an easy copy as the other creations this one, starting out with a Kangaroo Hide shot bag, kangaroo bolster, 12 plait Dacron belly and 16plait Dacron overlay with the laces measuring only 2.8mm this becomes an incredibly fluid whip, I have heard many good things about Dacron this last few years and now wish I had experimented with it sooner, it blows away nylon and not just by a bit but by a mile, that is of course only my opinion. At the holding end is a square plait kangaroo hide overlay of around 4 inches and a nice pineapple knot again in 1st grade veg tanned Kangaroo, this is a whip to be used so nice leather in hand to stop the chaffing and rubbing created by prolonged use some suffer with nylon whip;s. At the business end is the Essentia loop to make the cracker changeable, your choice of a standard nylon cracker or as pictured a beautiful Deer Hide one.

Why This Whip

Because it is designed for the scene, a lot of thought has gone into taking all the niggles away that we find using an adapted whip, these are not just bold statements about something that has been knocked up in the workshop to look and be different, those that know me know I never do that, I am very lucky to have an obliging ProDom near to my work shop this whip has been on test in her chamber some 7 months now, the lady has never been so excited about anything, quite insulting if I was to dwell on some of the things I have given her in the past, I won't digress, in essence the whip is perfectly balanced, super fluid straight from the box, gives great feed back as it is working and feels in the hand really unique.

I won't bang on about it, those that self promote can get on your nerves after a while so before I become one, thanks for reading.

Take care