Thursday, 12 December 2013

Nearly Done

The delightful Hunteress, lover of Essentia Whips
The lovely Hunteress above with a brown and gold BabyBull whip by Essentia, much used and much loved so I'm told.

Just thought I'd take the time to wish all my customers a merry Christmas, and to say thanks for another fantastic year, things went a little wonky for me at the start of the summer, I won't bore you with graphic detail but one of those periods in life where it is one thing after another, after another, after another and on and on! I'm really pleased to see 3 of the 5 folks who's orders I managed to cock up have forgiven me and are back on my waiting list. Thank you!

This end of the year I have things right and only have 2 orders to complete for Christmas with a good 10 days of postage left, I'm pleased with myself to of not only caught up but to have got a little in front too, I'm going into 2014 with my order book running at.....

Roo hide Whips........8to10 weeks

Nylon Whips.............3 to 5 weeks

Floggers.....................3 to 5 weeks

If you search through my blog you'll see how I work my wait times out, or attempt to.

I will be taking some time off between Christmas and New year, myself and the good lady are going to friends for a few days, much food, drink and puppy love involved, that is but 3 days and 2 nights though, the rest of the time I have some projects I have been working on that I can't wait to get done, photographed and add to the Essentia Range.....I will blog them as I do them and FetLife them as I put them up so I won't be giving the game away now other than to say they are....

1 x new addition to Essentia Whips in finest Kangaroo hide

3  x new additions to Essentia Nylon Whips

2 x totally new styles of hybrid whip, developed and tested for 6 months in a PD chamber

2 x budget range leather whips

The Hybrid whips I am really excited about, I have them half built already just needing overlays etc they are developed for the scene which I think is nice, we are forever adapting whips for other purpose to fit the fetish need, no longer with these two....anyway enough said!

I already added a new line to Essentia Floggers and Essentia Nylon Whips, can't think why I didn't do it before, the orders are slowly coming in, better some than non methinks.....

Finally, thanks to all those that have bought my DVD tutorial and indeed for all the positive feed back, it is great to see some new talent coming through already, 3 guys I can think of that are not far off the standard needed to start selling it....Awesome, those waiting on it now I am getting them copied onto disc as fast as I can, thanks for your patience....

That's it, thanks for reading, have a great Christmas