Tuesday, 31 December 2013

3 New Toy's for 2014

First things first, happy new year to everyone reading, and from Essentia Whips/Floggers/Nylon Whips thank you very much for your custom, it is much appreciated and yet again as we enter into year 14 as a commercial business still it grows, Thank you!

And so onto why we are blogging today....3 new Nylon toy's.

Nylon Dragons Tongue

I hadn't wanted to make these to be honest, I have bowed to the pressure of email, I do these in Kangaroo hide and they are reasonably popular, I also do a Dragon's tail in Kangaroo and am much asked to do a nylon version, that won't be happening, there are many doing them already and as the Kangaroo version is not much more expensive I struggle to understand why anyone would want a nylon one .Any way after one email too many and having a little time on my hands over the Christmas holidays here is my version. As with all the stuff made here at Essentia the emphasis is on quality not price, these start out with a proper kangaroo hide shot bag, filled with #15 shot for the best fluidity,  bolstered and overlaid with a 12 plait in Military grade 550 gsm para cord. At £75.00 around 1/2 the price of a Kangaroo hide one.

Nylon Barbed Cat'O'9 Tails

Again I have built this due to the pressure of email, a Kangaroo Hide cat is a thing of real beauty, a copy cat nylon 12 plait  version is very much not, to accommodate the tails the body needs to be 16 plait so by the time you have finished there is little if any time difference to build one, the material cost is obviously very different, but time is time and needs to be paid for to make it worth while making the toy,  in essence the price you'd need to charge I can't imagine anyone would pay it, so the above is the best compromise I have been able to come up with, if sting is your thing, you'll love this toy. Again constructed using a Kangaroo hide shot bag, #15 shot, bolstered and overlaid in a 12 plait creates the performance you'd expect from an Essentia toy,  the leather barbed wire tails finish it off a treat...At £75.00 a great addition to anyone's kit bag.

Nylon Horse Quirt

This really came about by accident, I have a custom order in my work book currently for a Horse Quirt with changeable tails, 2 as it happens but one is in a solid colour, the 2nd however asked for 2 tone and said he understood that it would have be abstract as it was plaited backwards, there are some places this is true, with a crown plait for instance, but a 4 plait round into an 8 plait round, is it? isn't it? I thought it wasn't but thought if I was to waste any material I'd waste some cheap para cord not nice Kangaroo hide, as you can see from the picture it is perfectly doable and easy enough, so I finished it off with a nice length of Indian Tan Latigo and there you have it a nylon Horse Quirt, built again with a shot bag and bolster so it performs just like it's leather counterpart, and again £75.00 making it less than half the price of a Roo hide one.

That's it from me, thanks for reading and once again have a great New Year's Eve and may 2014 be good to you..

Best Wishes