Thursday, 7 November 2013

Waiting Times or in English How Long is the Queue

How long is your waiting list, probably the question I get asked the most and probably the most difficult to answer.....

Usually year round I hover between 10 and 16 weeks wait time, I was down to 6 to 8 early March/April this year,  I have heard stories of other whip makers saying my wait time is longer, I'd like to know how they know, I strongly suspect these are folks who are not as busy trying to poach a job. Saddo's I think!

Anyway I mustn't digress, I am a one man band and as such if something goes wrong, a cut, the flu, a heavy cold, my wife getting ill, and sometimes the weather, I don't work from home I have an Industrial unit, the UK weather on rare occasions makes me house bound, any of those things, along with many others,  can change my wait times, this is the main reason I don't take money up front.

I work my wait times out based on a 5 day week, then add one week for every five I'm genuinely booked, this week allows for the above (illness, cuts etc) so if I said I had a 6 week waiting list this would be 30 days of orders with evenings and weekends free and a bonus week. 12 weeks would be 60 days, evenings and weekends and 2 bonus get the picture.

So where folks get it wrong is that they assume that waiting list applies to everything, it does not, my nylon work I have always done evenings and weekends and floggers I use to fill in ends of days and those 3 to 5 evenings a week my wife works, so often as not the wait for a flogger or a nylon whip whilst my main workbook might be 12/16 weeks can in fact be as little as 3 to 5 weeks, just thought I'd get that out there.

Can I pay extra to get my whip quicker....2nd most asked question.

Sorry I don't do this, not ever, not for anyone, please know that once your on my waiting list your place is assured, I might be a little earlier than I said or more often a little later but it will never be because I have taken extra money off someone to jump the queue. I think that's enough said or I might end up having a rant....

Thanks for reading