Sunday, 10 November 2013

Repairs and accessories

Repairs and Accessories....

In short I don't do them!

If you have a whip from me that needs a new fall, drop me an email, we'll arrange for you to send it back I'll fix it and send it back to you, no charge....2nd time around I'll charge you a the time PayPal have took their bit I'll be a couple of quid in front or a couple of quid behind on postage, it evens out.


In short I don't sell them, there are two main reasons,

1/.... I don't agree with it, I have seen them for sale on American sites at $15.00 or more, this is about 50p in leather and 3 minutes to make one so, just my opinion, I think that is a real rip off, I won't do it.

2/...One fall does not fit all whips, buy a fall off one of the American sites and try to fit it to an Australian whip, you'll soon see what I mean....there is only one way to cut a fall and that is to cut it for the whip in front of you...that is what I believe anyway.


Again...I don't sell them, I've seen people charging a tenner for ten, or ten bucks for five over on certain American sites, buy them if you wish, by the time you add on postage etc they'll be very very expensive...

Make your own..

Go to you can buy nylon thread there in as many colours as you can shake a stick at, number 207 is the page you want to be on, there are then loads of tutorials over on YouTube, I'll do one myself to put on there shortly.

Leather Dressing

Yet again I don't sell it. In my opinion JL above is the best and the best by far, I import it and use it not only to condition my whips with but to plait with as well, you'll need to do the same, a 225g  tin like the one above will last your average whip cracker several years.

Others, well in the States they swear by Pecards, this is almost identical to Fieblings Aussie Leather dressing, both bees wax based, neither are in my opinion a patch on JL but they'll do the job, in the UK you could go for Ko-Cao-Line or good old Chelsea Flower food again both bees wax based and both will do the job.

Will you change the fall on my ****** Whip.

In short no...if you bought your whip from Australia or the US it's going to cost you 30 quid ish to get it out there about 20 quid ish for the fall change and about 30 quid ish to get it back to you, so the best part of 75 to 100 quid to get it done dependant on what the exchange rate is doing. I take it for granted you considered this when you bought your whip, if you didn't and you have needed a fall change then I guess you'll definitely consider it next time.

Thanks for reading