Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Nylon Prices

I was chatting with Rhett Kelly recently, shock horror I know us whip makers talk to each other rather than all be enemies, Rhett and I have been Internet friends and exchanged information for many years now, I can't think who has helped who with tips and tricks the most, it doesn't really matter we have a nice relationship and I'm pleased to know him. As usual I digress, in amongst the conversation he said "I wish I could get the prices for my whips that your charging"
Here in the UK I have always had to charge more because I've always had to import everything, this is true for both kangaroo hide whips and nylon whips.

Many years back 1 blogged the maths and so to see If I've gone way off kilter I thought I'd do it again.....so here goes...

The Maths.
RK 12 plait nylon 4 foot  bullwhip with fancy plaiting = $151.00
P&P to the UK                                                                = $38.00
Total = $189.00

Essentia 12 plait nylon 4 foot bullwhip with fancy plaiting = £125.00

P&P to the UK                                                                      =£10.00

Total = £135.00

So on to the exchange rate today Tuesday the 19th of November 2013

$189.00 us dollars is £117.37  so a Rhett Kelly whip is £17.63 cheaper.....

that's all well and good provided that it doesn't get caught up in customs, our UK customs boys are on the ball, not much gets through or passed them....

Further Maths.

So the RK whip hits customs at £117.37

now add import duty at 2% it is now £119.71

V.A.T at 20% and it's now  £143.66

So now add £13.50 customs clearance charge, this is charged to you by the post office as they pay the duty to get the parcel to deliver to you 

£143.66 + £13.50 = £157.16

A RK whip is now £22.16 more expensive than an Essentia whip

The moral of the story is that whilst Rhett is getting no benefit from it, he is in fact getting more for his whips in the UK than I am.

More shock horror I was talking to Alex Jacobs of Cobra Whips on Sunday at the BBB, click the cobra logo to visit his site, we were laughing about how folks tried to play us off against each other when he came out with a classic line........
"Tony, some like yours better than mine, some like mine better than yours and some prefer Tella or Murphy, they are a lot of money and people will spend their money where they want to spend it"

I couldn't of put it better myself really......