Saturday, 19 October 2013

Useful List of WhipMakers....

I got an email asking me to be added to this list and then realised it was on an old blog I can no longer access, I had thought it was posted here already but that was not so…….
This is just a handy list of current commercial whipmakers, some I hold in very high regard, some I don’t know their work at all so I’m not recommending anyone or putting anyone down it is a list for reference only, hope it helps you make a choice…..

A’s…. The Australian Whip Co. – Terry Jacka  Whips by Axel – Axel Wright  Nick Ammann’s Custom Handcrafted Leather Whips
B’s…. Bevan both whipmaker and tool maker   – Louie Foxx – David Bould
C’s…. whips.html Jack Perry  Coyote Whips – D.T. King – Rhett Kelley  Caicedo Whips – Gus Caicedo  Cobra Whips – Alex Jacob
D’s…..  Dead Ringer Leather Works – Chris Barr  Dallas Dogsled/Taipan’s Sled Whips  Duke Whips – Robert Duke Drew’s Whips (sells on E-Bay) / Del Carpio Whips – Bernardo del Carpio  David Morgan
E’s….  Essentia Whips – Tony Layzell  EM brand Whips – Bernie Wojcicki
F’s…. Florida Cracker Bullwhips
G’s….  Giovanni Celeste  Gravvyty Whips
H’s… – Victor San Soucie
I’s…..  (Order book currently shut) Indy style whips
K’s….  ???????Karaka whips / Karol Bilecki Whipmaking – Polish language
L’s……  Loxahatchee Whip Co. – Ron Allen
M’s… Graeme Roberts Morgan Whips – Michael Morgan  Joe Wheeler Whips  Murphy Whips – Mike Murphy  MidWestWhips – Paul Nolan
N’s…  Northern Whip Co. – Joseph Strain  Steve Huntress
R’s….  RP Schultz – Russell Schultz
S’s….  Iaan Black  Greg DeSaye  Eskaytee (SKT) – Sharron Taylor  Whips by Si Davey  21st Century Whips – Steve Koliski – Victor Tella
TomekWhips (no website at present) see samples of Tomek’s work here>>>,29.0.html Texas Whips – Dan Ellefson / Jim Jones  House of Rawhide – Benton and Pat Cassaday
W’s…. Simon Martin Whips Australian Stock Whips – Fiona (Wilks) Smith  Bill Stevenson…whipmaker  Peter Jack