Saturday, 19 October 2013

I have had a lot of email since I stopped blogging and deleted my blog, I hadn't realised it was so popular. I think sometimes folks don't comment or reply because they think others have and so nobody does.

Anyway I give up, I will start to blog again, it won't be too much of a hardship if I'm honest I used to enjoy it, that said I don't have too much to say right now, however I'll waffle for a while just to get me back in the swing...

As those that know me personally know I never just make something and start to sell it I like to have it trial run and tested first, in that respect I am very lucky to have a Professional Dominatrix very near to me and use her studio to road test anything new  I make, I am quite excited to have created not just one new style of whip but a whole range of Hybrid whips specially designed for the Fetish Scene I have two further designs that are aimed at performers also....those being my two main markets I hope it is nice for both that something is designed for them rather than the usual having to adapt something designed for another purpose. Launch is early this space.

I am adding to my nylon colours also reflective colours.....Black/red/olive/orange. I know you have probably seen pink and blue and every colour you can shake a stick at, however it is cheap Chinese import and not real GSA approved 550 so I won't use it. If you want a cheap whip made from cheap materials there are plenty out there using it...


I have also a new style of flogger currently on test, not my invention I must add, there are several folks already making a similar thing, however after receiving several emails I have decided to do my version....again watch this space.
I did warn you I had little to say so for now that's it....head down and tail up plaiting till Christmas for me...

Take care